My Dog

I was looking at one of my prints from last week using up leftover paint:

dog - 1

And this dog image just jumped out at me:

dog - 2

And then I found this song about a dog:

dog - 3

Which reminded me of my dog, Mugsy as a child.  Mugsy was really my sister’s dog but I know he loved us both.  I remember he had the softest ears and dark brown eyes.

Mugsy was a mutt – part German Shephard, part Terrier and who knows?  But what mattered most was the love he had in his heart!

And you could see it in his eyes:

dog - 4

Have a happy day!  🙂

23 responses to “My Dog

  1. Love it. So cute! 🐶

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  2. A great way to use left over paint. A lovely way to remember adorable Mugsy

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  3. Animals are so special. We never forget them! I hope you’ll see Mugsy again one day. Love your prints! Gelli? I need to learn how to do this. :))

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    • Thank you Laura! This was a print from the “Happy Accidents” where I stamped my paper with the leftover paint in my palette. Gelli printing is fun too! Funny how certain things bring back memories of past pets. 🙂

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  4. So very cute! I really need to start collecting left over paint scraps!

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  5. So darling! I really love that it was found in the abstract print. 🙂

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  6. That made me happy. Thanks! N.

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  7. That’s so cute! I love how things just show up in the paint.

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  8. You make me smile so darn big my friend!! I SO enjoy watching you discover beautiful things, Jill. This is wonderful! Love taking a journey through your imagination! 💜


  9. Soooooooo cute :-)! I was like – she sees a dog a in there somewhere? What? And then I saw your little dog… and well… obviously… Mugsy! If I had known Mugsy, I would have seen him right away. Thanks for the Mugsy smile :-).

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  10. You are so creative, so inventive and inquisitive… the colors of the leftover paint!


  11. Oh, this is so cute!!! ❤️🐶 Thanks for the smile! 😊


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