In Stitches…

I’m having fun sewing on paper in my art journal and adding collage papers.

I can only sew in one direction since my journal is bound but I like the challenge it adds:


I start by gluing a piece of paper randomly on a page that I explained more about here: It’s A Splash!

Since the stitching is on BOTH SIDES of the paper, one side is a total surprise:


These paper collages are keeping me in stitches!  I enjoy using two different colors of thread, one for the bobbin and one for the top stitch… they add an unexpected color surprise!  And each collage is unique!

What have you created or discovered this last week that brought you unexpected joy?  I hope you share it with me!

Cheers! 🙂

18 responses to “In Stitches…

  1. Neat to say the least … sewing Scribbles.

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  2. You are sew creative! 😉

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  3. Wow I didn’t know you did them right in your journal.

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  4. Wow, isn’t it tricky trying to machine sew in your journal? The result sure is fun though, looks fabulous! I have been finding joy in fresh flowers lately as our weather has been so cold and dreary!

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  5. Sew Cool Jill…there are never idea ideas to create!

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  6. Sew so awesome!! 💙🌸
    I really love the results, Jill!

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  7. More great inspiration Jill. (K)

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