Bird On A Tin

I have collected many (TOO MANY) things…

So I decided to have a garage sale.

This has proven to be a very exhausting endeavor. I am looking forward to being done in two weeks!

A side note: Above is a photo of the dolls, Ken and Barbie which I think you are familiar with but do you remember, “Nurse Julia?” She is on the right, from the TV show in 1969? I know I am dating myself here! Lol! (She is retired so she is not wearing her nurse outfit… haha)

All this cleaning has left me with no room in my brain for art at the moment.

So I leave you this bird on a tin from one of my MANY thrift store finds:

Wishing you a happy Wednesday free of clutter!

Cheers! 😃

21 responses to “Bird On A Tin

  1. It’s so good to clear out the clutter. I am this frame of mind also.

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  2. It’s endless isn’t it? I managed to sell all my daughter’s Barbie stuff but I still have some Beanie Babies. (K)

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    • Hi Kerfe, yes, it does feel endless! 😬 It is the emotional attachments that are hard to let go of for me. I took way too many things when I went through my parent’s home several years ago. But now I am ready to let go so I guess this is a good thing. 😉

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  3. I do remember Julia! I used to watch that show. She was so pretty.

    Best of luck with your garage sale and happy Wednesday!

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    • Hi Deborah! Oh, so happy you remember Julia too! I don’t know what happened to her nurse’s outfit… I think my sister’s daughter got all the Barbie clothes. I loved playing Barbies as a kid! My grandma made a lot of the clothes.
      It will be good to get the garage sale done. Thankfully, I have a lady that is helping me… but it still feels daunting! 😉
      Happy Wednesday to you too! ❤️

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  4. Love it! We were not allowed to have Barbies as kid’s because our mom felt that they instilled an unattainable body image in young girls. We did have Skipper, though, and eventually we inherited a few of our cousin’s Barbies as hand me downs. 😀And I just came across them recently, too!

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    • Plus I see that autocorrect put an “apostrophe s” on what should have been “kids”! Which would not have met with my mother’s approval either! 😂😂

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      • I remember the Skipper doll! I loved all the Barbie dolls. We had a Ken doll too. I even had a doll that I could change the color of their hair! Fun memories! 😃 Happy Wednesday!

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      • Yes we had the one that you could change her hair color too! It was kind of like a marker that came with her. I think that one was called “Glamour Misty”, and there was one called Tressy where you could make her hair “grow” or wind it up and make it short. We loved those dolls! 😀

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      • I remember “dying” the doll’s hair in the bathroom sink! 😉 I’m sure my mom wasn’t too pleased! Tressy sounds like a great name for a doll! 😃

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  5. Oh I need clean out as well. I loved my Barbie dolls too. I still have the clothes my mom and grandma made. I had a Skipper doll too. Great memories! 💜

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    • Hi Patty, how awesome you still have handmade Barbie doll clothes!! A real work of art to make those tiny doll clothes in my opinion! 😉 And Skipper, I loved her long hair! I agree, wonderful memories! ❤️
      I wish I hadn’t put off the cleaning for so long but it helps now to have a deadline! 😃

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  6. Barbie dolls weren’t around when I was growing up so that definitely ages me lol! Good luck with your garage sale, we have had a couple which were very profitable, but the last time we moved what we didn’t want or need anymore was offered to family and friends or given to the op shop, like about 8 trips!!. The only regrets I had were some of the books I gave away thinking I don’t really have the room for them. There is nothing more freeing than having a clean out, although if you looked in our cupboards you would wonder if I really was telling the truth 😂

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  7. Hi Sally, I imagine you played with other dolls! It’s great to be able to use our imaginations with any kind of doll as we were growing up as I think it has helped me be more creative as an adult. 😍 My husband and I tend to be pack rats and so this is good for us to be getting rid of STUFF! Not sure if we are making a huge dent but it is a good start. The books are definitely a hard one for me to part with… so far, I haven’t let go of any craft type books, only novels. I am looking forward to walking into our basement without feeling overwhelmed! Lol! 👍


  8. Good for you Jill! Just think how great you will feel once it’s over and you have found good homes for your treasures!

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