Merry Bird Soaks Her Feet with Mallard Duck

As Merry crossed the meadow, she came to a small pond where she noticed Mallard, the Sitting Duck:

No. 101 - Mallard the sitting duck

“Tweet Tweet, Mallard!”  Said Merry cheerfully.

“Why it’s Merry!”  Replied Mallard with a quack, “Please come and sit with me you must be feeling tired on your long journey.”

“How kind of you, Mallard,” said Merry.  “I really could have a rest.  You see I got these new boots and they are starting to cramp my feet.”

“Here Merry,” instructed Mallard, “why don’t you soak your feet in this cool pond.  It always makes my feet feel better.”  So Merry sat down on the edge of the pond with Mallard, removed her boots and dangled her sore feet in the water.

duck and bird feet in water

“Well,” quacked Mallard after a few minutes, “I really must be paddling across the pond.  Twaddle Do, Merry!”

Merry’s feet were starting to feel much better so she dried them on a feather –

my feather drawing

Put her boots back on and went on her Merry way.

(I wonder who she will meet next?  What bird would you like her to meet on her adventure?)

2 responses to “Merry Bird Soaks Her Feet with Mallard Duck

  1. Such cheery and fun work you do, very playful~and original~

    Liked by 1 person

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