Color Prints for Journal

I recently told you about a color journal I started with an old ledger.  During my vacation at the lake, I was able to make a few gelli-prints for it.

For the one below, I used watered down acrylic paints for my background print.  When it was dry, I pressed real leaves on top.  I really like this one:

leaf print over gelli print

I like how I used a negative print of Thimbleberry leaves for this one:

Thimble berry leaves print

I also printed a real fern over it like a stamp.

You will never guess what I used to create my circular patterns in this one:

sprinkler head print

An old sprinkler head!  I like the dreamy feeling of it.

And I love the jammy colors in the one below:

multi-color print

It reminds me of picking huckleberries and the berries staining my fingers.

Happy Creating!  🙂

8 responses to “Color Prints for Journal

  1. You describe them so wonderfully, Jill. I love how you say the last one is jammy – and it is! These will make beautiful backgrounds for pieces of your multi-media artwork or be cut into outfits or flowers – never know – and can’t imagine the beauty you can/will create!

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  2. These are beautiful, Jill! They get better as the photos continue! That sprinkler head and the jammy one are my faves. So cool and rich in texture. You do amazing mixed media stuff. I don’t how you do it! It seems to work all of your creative muscles!! 💛💛💛

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  3. Neat! The sprinkler head piece makes me think of outer space, planets floating!

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