Wild Things

Sometimes the holidays throw me a little off balance…like these imaginary creatures:


These creatures started as watercolor blobs of paint in my art journal:


Pencil and color pencils helped them spring to life – these Wild Things!!

Hope this gives you a smile today!  Happy Friday!!!

Cheers!  🙂

17 responses to “Wild Things

  1. Well you didn’t loose your art groove even while off balance 😉. Hang in there. Try to enjoy. 🎄

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    • Thanks Catherine! 😄 These imaginary animals are really fun to do…I learned it from Carla Sonheim. She has a fun book called, “Drawing and Painting Imaginary Animals.” 🎨😊🐔


  2. Big smile for sure! Thank you 🙂

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  3. So cute! This is me this time of the year too!

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  4. Hahahah I love these characters, off balance – so much fun 😀😬 Thanks Jill 💕

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  5. You have a wonderful gift, Jill! From blobs to colourful and charming characters! Fabulous!

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  6. Just practicing Jill We are at Applebees

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  7. Still practing, Jill

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