Two Lips

If you were to describe Spring with two lips … I mean colors, what two colors would you choose?


I’d choose Prismacolor Pencils; Spring Green and Rose pink…


How about you?

What art medium and name describe the colors best for you?

Happy Spring!  (Wishful thinking…)

Cheers! 🙂 🌷

27 responses to “Two Lips

  1. definitely green…hmm…I’m not sure what the other color would be. But it’s on it’s way (as soon as this newest storm disappears) (K)

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  2. ooh. I think I would have to say buttermilk yellow and acid green; primroses and new foliage. I would need something fairly translucent and delicate, so maybe watercolour and tissue paper?

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  3. The purple and yellow of newly opened crocuses.

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  4. You crack me up Jill! I’d choose green and yellow, the first sign of Spring to me is yellow forsythia…

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  5. yellow and pink make me think spring – yellow daffodils and pink tulips 🙂

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  6. Definitely spring green and pale mauve or pink.

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  7. Green, and a coral and yellow variegated Tulip. I love those.

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  8. Gorgeous patterns today…my colors: light orange and purple

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  9. Well my art medium is definitely watercolor.. and I’d match you on the color choices. In my brand they’re Leaf Green and Vivid Pink! 😍

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  10. I would choose pinks and greens and use watercolour with pastels. I think I would keep the painting soft and loose, much like reflections in a watery puddle on a day in April.

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  12. So pretty, I love your work! I love the designs in the flower. I just recently did something similar and will be sharing soon!

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