A Poke In The Eye

Somehow I irritated my right eye…

I don’t know if I got something in it or if I scratched my eyeball.  I’m going to an eye doctor this morning to find out.

It just reminds me how wonderful it is to SEE colors and EVERYTHING!  I am so blessed.

I’m very excited about this new online class I just started, hosted by Carla Sonheim – go to CarlaSonheim.com to learn more about the online art classes she offers.

The name of this class is The College Techniques of Anne Marie Grgich.

Check out Anne Marie’s art on Pinterest  if you’d like to see her AMAZING detailed collages!

I found a few more books at a different thrift store yesterday to add to my collection and I got the Senior Discount!  Yes, there is a plus to being 55 years old and older! Lol! 🤣


I figure what images I don’t use in collage, I could use as references to paint! ☺️

Sorry to report, I did not see any Nancy Drew mystery books at this store but I did find a great book on container gardening for only $1.00 – YAY!

Anne Marie Grgich’s collages are very detailed with MANY layers of images.  One of the things that inspired me to take this class was to learn how to create more transparent layers in my own collages.  Plus, what a bonus to watch videos of another artist’s process!  I’m learning so much and the class has just started!

So back to the process of cutting and sorting images by color for this class…


It is much more fun than a poke in the eye!

Cheers! 🙂

26 responses to “A Poke In The Eye

  1. Hope all goes well and your eye is better soon.
    Happy Thursday, Jill! 💚💙

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  2. uh oh, I hope it’s better soon! I’m glad you’re having such fun with the online classes, such a great way to learn and be inspired!

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    • Thanks Jenna, I really enjoy learning new things! 🙂 It is also fun to see how others interpret the assignments in class if they share their work on Facebook. It is a supportive and fun community of artists.
      Eye looks like it will be OK. Must have somehow scratched it… 🙂

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  3. Hi Jill – your class look really fun, I must check it out. I hope you eye is ok.

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  4. Definitely my idea of a good time…
    but I hope your eye problem is easily repaired. (K)

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  5. Hope you get that eye fixed! Then have fun collating!!

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    • Thanks Jodi! 🙂
      “Eye” must have scratched it somehow… 😉 I’m getting some eye drops that I hope will heal it quickly. 🙂
      It’s hard to be working today, I want to be outside in the sunshine! Are you getting excited about your new job?!

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      • Oh good. Heal quickly! I am getting excited about new job!! If I’m not as active or attentive here and on blog in coming weeks, please know that is why. 😉

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  6. I too hope your eye is all sorted soon, Jill.

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  7. Fab! Apart from the poke in the eye

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  8. Hope your eye is okay!

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  9. I scratched my eye a couple of weeks ago. The drops helped but the redness still persists. I’m afraid that putting on eye makeup might be keeping it from healing completely but at least it doesn’t hurt anymore. I’m anxious to see your work from this new class. I didn’t sign up for this one.

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    • Hi Carol, the eye doctor gave me an anti-inflammatory and steroid eye drops. My eye started feeling better within 2 days and no redness. I have been conservative on the eye make-up. 😊
      I probably should not have signed up for another class but I do love collage! ❤️🎨

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  10. Nancy G. Kellner

    You are very clever. I am glad your poke in the eye is only temporary. Nancy

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