Bears, Birds and Bagels – Oh, My!

I was doing some finger painting today with creamy, heavy body acrylic paints.  It was FUN to get messy like a child.  And look what appeared:


A psychedelic teddy BEAR!

And of course, a BIRD on a nest:


I added a little texture to the nest with color pencil:


It was almost dinner time…

The paint reminded me of cream cheese and


You know, the roll with the hole!  😊

Happy Creating!  🎨

And I will take an Everything bagel to go with light cream cheese, please!  ❤️

24 responses to “Bears, Birds and Bagels – Oh, My!

  1. Catherine Johnson

    These are fabulous! Can I tap into your imagination wvery morning, Jill 😉

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  2. wonderful energy (K)

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  3. adorable and fun! Everything bagels are my fave too!

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  4. The bear is super interesting. And now I want a bagel ~ and cream cheese and creamy acrylics, but not on the bagel.

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  5. There’s something so fun and freeing about finger painting! I can almost taste the joy in yours (hmmm…maybe it’s the bagel’s influence? LOL!).

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  6. Awww fun!! These are beautiful appearances Jill! Love to see what comes out of your imagination! 💕😃👍🏻

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  7. Love these. Especially the bird. I love colored pencil marks on acrylic. Something I just started doing myself. And I want full fat cream cheese! Yum.

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  8. Oh love love the bear! Snuggles!!! :). Looks like that cream cheese might be a little old!!? 😀

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  9. You’ve inspired me. Finger painting brings a big element of surprise and rawness that I love. Such a great bird and nest!👏👏👏🔺

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  10. Colorful and imaginative!

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