Deck The Halls

Can you imagine naming your pet dog or cat, “Fa la la la la, la la la la?


If you were feeling jolly, would you sing it when calling your pet out the back door to come inside?

After awhile would you get tired of saying the whole thing and shorten its name to “Fa la la la?”

And if you were really frustrated, would you just say, “Fa la, get your butt in here before I deck you one!”  LOL!

Hope this makes you laugh today!  😜

Fa la la la la, la la la la!


19 responses to “Deck The Halls

  1. Oh to be in your creative mind, Jilly!!! 🙂 That is a crazy hairy whimsical funny looking creature – and now I am singing – Deck the halls – to charlie! 🙂

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  2. Catherine Johnson

    Too funny!

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  3. LOL, we have a stray we call Miss Kitty, or stinky cat, or mean girl. She is a mess. I think she is mental. It did make me laugh! Good for a Monday and I thank you! 😀

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    • I had a cat like that one time. I think my 2 yr old nephew sat on it when it was a kitten. We called it, “Abby-Normal” from the Young Frankenstein movie. Lol! Happy I could make you laugh, Suz! 😄😊😃

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  4. Oh wow – another of those cute, adorable inspiring creatures… And the story with it *lol* – I can only say that many Southamericans like calling all 4-5 middle names when they call after their children out on the street… so maybe they wouldn’t bother calling the dog out with it’s full name 😉 Lovely Jill, I’m loving this “new” style of yours… Thank you for sharing ❤

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  5. Love his hairiness. N.

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  6. Lol, fun creature. Good laugh!

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  7. You crack me up!! This reminded me of something my mom told me when we were talking about names for our not-yet-born baby. She said to go to the back door and yell the name really loud a few times because we would probably have to do that someday and we should make sure it didn’t sound really silly. Can you imagine doing that with Fa-la-la-la?!?😃

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