Bleeding Heart

I decided to add the Bleeding Heart plant to my collage that I started yesterday.

I researched the flower on the Internet to get a feel for the shape of its flower and leaves.  I then sketched my layout in pencil.


I glued my Gelli-printed papers that I did on deli paper to my collage. The papers have a nice transparentcy to them which I like.

Flower TriviaAccording to the Internet – The bleeding heart plant has been grown for centuries in China and Korea as well as in Japan. In 1740, a German botanist, J. G. Gmelin, first brought a living plant to Russia for a botanical garden where he worked. The Royal Horticulture Society brought the plant to Western Europe through the work of Robert Fortune in 1847.  The plant traveled to America as a gift for Valentine’s Day because of the heart shape of the blossoms. While the preference of bleeding heart plants for the garden waned in Europe, it became a popular garden perennial here.

Next, I will add acrylic paint to my collage.  I like to use Golden Fluid Acrylics. So I hope you check in tomorrow for the next step!

Happy Saturday – May you have a happy heart!  🙂

22 responses to “Bleeding Heart

  1. Bleeding heart is one of my faves. What a wonderful addition to your piece!!

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  2. Wonderful how you’re moving on with this piece. Bit by bit it will grow and be wonderful.
    Thanks for the botanical history snippet too! Fun!

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  3. I love the way the flowers echo the notes. (K)

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  4. The shapes are just like the plant! We have one too and love it. Beautiful colors, too. 💛

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  5. This gives it the perfect pop of color. 🙂

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  6. Bleeding hearts bring back fond childhood memories, including my first ‘garden bed’ Dad gave me to experiment in, before I was 8. I still love gardening. Sharing passions is bonding!

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  7. I love your stylized bleeding hearts! Thanks, too, for the bit of history behind them!

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  8. Used to love to photograph these flowers!! Love it! Really enjoying seeing your process Jill! Looking great!! 💕😃Can’t wait to see what’s next!

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  9. Ahhh, I like your progress Jill. The evolution of art is so amazing. Have a happy weekend. 🎨👯

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