Welcome To The Beach!

I thought you might enjoy these photos I took at the lake this weekend.

Put your sandals and let’s go to the beach!  🙂

A view from a pine tree.  Take a deep breath and smell that fresh pine scent:

pinecone view to beach 7-10

Look some rocks left over from a child’s sand castle:

rocks on beach 7-10

Dig your toes into the wet sand!  Awww!  Now, have a seat and enjoy the view:

Sandy feet 7-10

Oh, look!  There is a Spotted Sandpiper on the shore:

bird on beach 7-10

Looks like it’s time for a bird bath!  🙂

bird shaking tail feather in water 7-10

One last photo – a reflection of the clouds in the water:

lake reflection 7-10

Glad you could come along for a visit!

Enjoy your day!  🙂

16 responses to “Welcome To The Beach!

  1. lovely pictures!! so peaceful and water so still

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  2. Hehe, beautiful! Loved the bird especially! Have a great week, Jill! 💜

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  3. Glenmar Fullmer

    Thanks for the nice visit to my favorite lake!


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  4. So nice to see where your bit of paradise is situated. Reminds me of my beach before the water rose.

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  5. … really felt ‘in the picture’ – nice post!

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  6. How fun you get to go to a lake every weekend! I’m heading to the ocean in 5 days – woohooo!!!!!!!!

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