Hidden Images

I like finding images in clouds but sometimes I see them in trees too.  Do you see the face in this tree?


Sometimes I see animals… Like a camel’s face in this tree growth:


You have to use your imagination a bit…

I see a bunny in this rock:


And a heart shape in this one:


What images do you see?  I’d love to hear from you!

Wishing you a happy day doing whatever brings you the most JOY!  And maybe a little time to see images in the clouds, trees or rocks near you!


May you have a Sunny Sunday, friends!!  🙂

12 responses to “Hidden Images

  1. I see two trolls hiding behind the heart-shaped stone. Can you see their eyes? Thanks for this nice post, Jill, that was fun! You have a wonderful Sunday too!!! 🌞🌳☁️

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  2. So fun to look at. I will be searching today too. On. This beautiful sunny Sunday.

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  3. Oh my gosh, the top two are so funny…..release the man from the bark! He he 😂😂😂😂

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  4. The camel!!! I see it now! Didn’t see him at first or the bunny but now I see them all and I feel like a rock star! Thank you Jill! 💜💜💜

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  5. Awww I LOVE these!! 😍Cool… definitely a screaming face in the first tree, but in the second one, I saw two bunnies kissing. Hehe

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