Three Turtle Doves?!

I was listening to the song, “The Twelve Days of Christmas” yesterday…when these three wild birds showed up!


Wishing you a HAPPY day while singing this joyful song…

Cheers!!  🙂

22 responses to “Three Turtle Doves?!

  1. Oh Yes, That Christmas song is such a treat!!

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  2. They look like they are enjoying the season! (K)

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  3. I wish you could see the smile on my face! LOVE these and your uber creativity and imagination. Thanks for the bright spot in my day!

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  4. Oh Jill… now I won’t get rid of this song in my head for at least the next two days 🙂
    Love your birds!

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  5. hehe!! Smiling big over here! Love these little characters! Fun!! 😍

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  6. Lovely, your birds are always so joyful.

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  7. They are super funky! Is it draw a bird day?

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