A “Bug” In My Bonnet

I enjoyed my blogging break for the last two weeks… Although I couldn’t stay away from reading so many of your creative blogs! 😃

I am looking forward to a new month… December is here! And Christmas is just around the corner… Hoorah!

Someone put a “bug” in my bonnet in the last couple of weeks and I have been drawing these bugs from my imagination:

I started with their imaginary “hats” from my Gelli-printed papers or copies of my own artwork.

I drew my imaginary bug in pencil before adding permanent pen.

There is something wonderful about creating from your imagination. It is so freeing!

Lastly, I added color pencils to give these bugs a little pizzazz…

Which bug(s) do you like?

Cheers! 🙂

15 responses to “A “Bug” In My Bonnet

  1. So fun. So creative! So jilly!!! ☺️❤️👍🥰

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  2. Love these! Each have such character!

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  3. Each bug has a story!

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  4. That’s quite a cast of characters…now they need a story! (K)

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  5. Happy December, Jill! 💚
    Love them, all are so creative and fun. I agree, they need a story. 😍🐞👍💚😊

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  6. hootiebirdsartjournal

    My favorite is the first one in the second row. Do they have names?

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  7. Wow Jill, these are outstanding! Oh the stories you could make up about them! They are all so full of character and fun, they deserve their own book! I think my favorite is the hairy bearded king!! Happy December!

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