Just Mating?

Today’s weird birds are just married mating…


This “odd” couple was inspired by this old photograph:


I hope this post gives you a giggle today… 😃

Happy Weird Bird Wednesday!!


17 responses to “Just Mating?

  1. LOL!!! you have me laughing this morning, Jill. These couples all need a good joke. The bird expressions are priceless..

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  2. How can you not smile looking at this!! So cute and so funny, their legs crack me up, as do their expressions! It’s true that in many old black and white portrait style photos the people looked so stoic!

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  3. Giggles indeed, lol! 🙂 Wonderfully done, Jill! 🙂

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  4. Once more you made my day :-]]

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  5. Absolutely they made me smile 😃 Thank you Jill 😍 hats off to your creativity friend 🤗💕

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  6. Oh you know I LOVE THEM!!! What fun and funny inspiration! You amaze me!!

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  7. LOL! They did! They’re adorable and wearing my and #1 Grandson’s favorite colors too!

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